Kelly really is THE American Idol

This past weekend (after spending too much time on school work) Lindsay and I went to go see Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson in concert.  Um they were uuuhhhhmmmmmaaazzziiinnnnggg!!!! The place was packed!

If you have never seen Kelly perform.  Go do it! ASAP! She was great! Plus she’s from Texas and says “yall”. I can’t upload any videos but here is a YouTube of one of Kelly’s best songs ever.

Now the main attraction: Maroon 5.  I’m not sure what to say.  They just blew my mind.  This was my third time to see them in concert and it just gets better each time! Here is my favorite song by them.  Oldie and goodie.

Great show with a great lady!




If I Could Bottle You Up…

Sometimes we get so lucky that wonderful people get put in our lives. I have more of those than I probably deserve. I just wanted to give a special shout out to two of those ladies today: Kelsey (future pharmacist and going to change the world one day) and Rumki (future computer person that I can’t explain because her career path is over my head). They are such great friends to have. There’s never a dull time and they are such wonderful people to have around.

Kelsey recently celebrated her birthday by meeting up with Rumki and I in Fort Worth. While the night was very low key it was a good ol time.

Kels got serenaded (aka got the the stare down) from this lovely man and his band. He told her that “if he could bottle her up and put her on a shelf to sell he’d make a lot of money.” Do you see the sparks igniting?


Our waiter also gave her a fun sombrero to wear. Ain’t she presh?


Group picture. Romantic looking right?


After that we went to explore the Stockyards. Our goal was to find this candy store we had seen online. No luck. Either it doesn’t exist or the Internet lied to me.


We wandered for a little bit. Made some new friends.




Had some nice lady think we were visiting Texas because we wanted this picture.


Lovely night with some lovely ladies. AND it all ended by 8:30 so we could be home and in bed by 10.

Just livin the grandma life 🙂


Quick life lesson: Follow road signs. Going the opposite direction on a one way street does not have good results.


Ooooh, yeah! {insert Slim Jim commercial}

If I could explain my interest in this, I would. But I can’t. Maybe because it is so engraved into my subconscious from spending parts of my childhood growing up surrounded by boys watching wrestling, playing 007 Golden Eye or playing Ghost in the Darkness (backwards tag…and quite scary when you’re a little girl). Would my brother admit to us doing half of that stuff maybe not, but now the world knows the truth. He was totally addicted to WWE, WWF, WCW, or NWO growing up! No matter what he says now. If he reads this he’d probably leave me out in the dust.


Anyways, I came accross this article on Yahoo stating the top 10 Pro Wrestler Quotes in History. Read it. Loved it. And I could not miss out on an opportunity to share them with the world even more.
My treat!

10. Roddy Piper: “Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions!”

9. Scott Hall: “Hey yo.”

8. Randy Savage: “Oh, yeah!”

7. Mick Foley: “Have a nice day!”

6. Hulk Hogan: “Hulkamania is running wild on you!”

5. Degeneration-X: “…And if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for you…”

4. The Rock: “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?”

3. Steve Austin: “And that’s the bottom line ’cause Stone Cold said so!”

2. Dusty Rhodes: “I’ve wined and dined with kings and queens, and I’ve slept in allies and dined on pork and beans.”

1. Ric Flair: “To be the man, you gotta beat the man!”

The more I reread those quotes, the more I feel as though they could easily be added into daily conversation.

Here is the originial article if you need a bigger wrestling fix!


God’s Burrito and the San Jose 49ers

What’s the best way to beat the Texas summer heat? Make sure a member of your family lives in California.

A few weeks ago RJ and I headed out west! My brother and his fiance currently live in San Jose, California.  B-E-A-UTIFUL weather!!  When we landed all of us were hungry.  There was a burrito place Rachel had seen and we decided to try that out.  She couldn’t remember what it was called except that it was a combo of the words Godzilla and Burrito.  The actual name was Burritozilla, but I preferred ‘God’s Burrito’ as a better name.  It was deeelicccious!


The next day began our journey to San Francisco!

Food was on our minds again when we got there.  We met a cute old man that used to live in the same building as Boom Boom Mancini. Not sure if it was the Ray or Lenny ‘Boom Boom’.  That restaurant made this boy a happy one.


From there we went on a boat tour of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. That was suuuper cool.  And cold.  Even with the fog we were able to get some good shots.



These were RJ’s boat shoes. That he wore on a boat. If you know RJ you know that him + Sperrys = big deal.


Lesson to learn: if you have not worn flats in a while, do not wear flats for the first time of the season when you intend to do a lot of walking.  We had to make a pit stop into a Walgreen at one point in the afternoon to buy flip flops to save my feet. Because yes, they were about to fall off. There are no pictures of this tragically pathetic moment.

After some exploration we finally met up with RJ’s old roommate Andrew.  He had a genius idea to take a ferry over to the town of Saucelito and grab dinner there. Thank goodness this boat was a lot bigger and smoother than the one from earlier in the afternoon.  The town itself is really pretty.  I would highly recommend going to it if you happen to be nearby.  By the time we got there a lot of the shops had already closed for the day.  However, the majority of the tourists were also gone so we got to really enjoy the town.  AND be able to take good pics in front of this fountain.



This is a view from the boat headed back to San Francisco.


The next morning found us headed out to watch the seals.  Those guys are fat.  A.k.a great shark food.


From there was Lombarde Street.  Really pretty.


And the Full House house. Not quite like I had imagined but still pretty neat.


While the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t long by any means, it was pretty dang exciting to cross over.

IMG_1982 IMG_1984

Once to the other side we explored Muir Woods.  Want to feel humbled and realized just how truly irrelevant all your troubles and worries are?? Go visit a place like this.

IMG_1996  IMG_2008 IMG_2015

The next morning the four of us headed to Santa Cruz.

IMG_2028 IMG_2036

This was the most terrifying ride ever created. Ever.


Overall this trip was absolutely wonderful and relaxing! Rachel and Sebastian were a blast to be with and we can’t wait until they tie the knot next year! Woo woo!

You may ask, “What do you mean by the San Jose 49ers??” Well the 49ers new stadium is being built in San Jose. Not San Francisco.  I thought that that was just silly.

I leave you with Roxy.




Today RJ and I celebrate two years. Holy guacamole.  That’s a long time in Margaux years.  However it sure has been amazing! I am grateful for the the ups and downs and all the growth that we both have done during this time. RJ is someone that is any person is lucky to call a friend and God has blessed us so well to have the relationship we do.  Cheers to two years and mucho more to come!


Sarah and randy wedding


medieval times

photo 1

 photo 3

photo 4

photo 2


The Greatest Show on Earth

When you think of a Wednesday night it usually involves sitting at home, eating dinner, watching tv, or maybe doing some household chores if you’re feeling adventurous. Not for Emily and I. We decided to do what any other 24 year old would love to do and go see Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey: Dragons! Outside of the children and families around us, I am pretty sure we were the only ones there of our age. But we didn’t care. We were about to watch the Greatest Show on Earth! And it really was. Those circus folk don’t disappoint.


I’m not sure why these are all over Dallas but we didn’t miss out on a photo op.



Emily and I decided that you must be a little off your rocker to be in the circus. While it does take talent you must be a little koo koo to get in a cage with a lion.


And then to sit on the lion. (Insert pee your pants moment).




These guys were legit! Only rarely did they use wires. And when they weren’t flying in the air and they were still dancin and shakin their groove things on the floor.


And the stars of the show!


We asked a dad to take our picture afterwards. Not as good as a high school girl but not bad.


As we walked to our car….

Emily: I kind of thought there would be a real dragon that comes out at the end.

That’s why we love her 🙂



{Blog} A Beautiful Mess

Think of Pinterest. However, everything is narrowed down to the cute crafts and the better sounding recipes. And you get the blog: A Beautiful Mess. Such a fun blog to look through, get ideas from, and pass the day with. Today they posted something that absolutely made my day, week, maybe changed my life. Their post: How To Prepare Boba Pearl at Home. Holy guacamole! Woo Woo! Want to know how! Click HERE! Enjoy! Once I go buy and make some I’ll share my pictures of the adventure!