Here We Go!

And so this blogging journey begins. I’ve thought about it for a while now and just couldn’t decide if I was cool enough to start one. Then I looked in the mirror and thought…You bet you are!

Then started the process of what on earth will this blog be about. Lord knows cooking isn’t my strong suit. Without George who knows where I’d be. Unless we are talking about Aggie sports, not much else exists in that world. Except when I’m winning bets based on team players and uniforms. And the list goes on. Soooo…where does that leave me? Blogging about where this world takes me! Or whatever random stuff Yahoo decides to list as their main articles for the day.

So how does a person choose their blog title? That’s the biggest part. I’v heard this could be a blog deal breaker.  I started by thinking, ‘You have an original name Margaux, go off that.’ Some fun ideas came from that but nothing that would make me the next Reality Steve. Eventually came “Books, Brains and Boba Tea.” Random? Odd? Oh well.  But here’s my logic…

Books: quintessential item to learn, grow or get anywhere in this world.  Plus they have the potential to teach you said things like cooking if you wish you be silly and do that.

Brains: where is a girl going to get herself without one of these??

Boba Tea: enough said.

While this blog may not be life changing, I sure do hope it at least brings a smile to your face.  However, more than anything I hope it serves as the wonderful few minute distraction from whatever busy things life brings.

Here’s a good distraction starter!