State Fair!

The State Fair of Texas.  Where people go to spend lots of money on food that is good for the soul but bad for everything else.  Where carrying around an over sized baseball bat is considered okay. And where taking a picture with a giant cowboy (that has no butt) is exciting.


The weather was perfect and the smell of fried foods was in the air.  We went with a game plan and hit all the high points.

First stop: Fletcher’s Corny Dogs.  If you get any other corn dog at the fair. Shame on you.  These are where it’s at.


Can’t you tell?


Next: Waffle Balls. Seriously the best food at the fair. Hands down. Contest over.  It is a strawberry dipped in chocolate, covered in batter, fried, and then topped with powdered sugar.


Last food stop was to the fair winning Cuban Roll.  Not bad.  Basically an egg-roll (which in not a Cuban food) filled with pork.  It was a lot of pork that was stuffed inside so you won’t be let down.


And what would the State Fair be with out the Texas Star! My favorite part.  Great view of Dallas.


And on the wayy out we stopped by the petting zoo.  That whole area really grosses me out.  After spending a few years in FFA I know what’s really going on behind the scenes. But we did see a celebrity: the Hump Day camel.


This fair visit was just another reminder of how wonderful fried foods and people watching is 🙂

And I bet this guy is going to make some of the best bacon EVER one day.




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